Mature PS3 clan looking for skilled team players.

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    We are a medium sized clan (around 55 players currently) that has been running for 6 years as of the 11th. We are militarily structured and organized and expect a decent amount from our Recruits. That means you can count on your teammates to back you up. To pass our standards all you need to start is:

    1. A mic
    2. MW3, BF3 and/or a plan to buy Black Ops II. 
    3. Good communication skills
    4. A decent amount of time to play. (At least a couple times a night for a few hours. Most of us play every night.) 
    5. Your play time should line up with the North American time zones. So if you are British but play during a time when it's evening here, then you will likely be able to play with all of us. If you live in North America, perfect. 
    6. A good attitude
    7. A minimum amount of computer access. At least enough to visit our website now and again, to register and check updates, etc.

    That's about it for our general members. Good attitudes, decent skill, and approximately the same time of play as most of us to ensure you actually play with us.
    Visit for more information. If it looks good, go on and register. It's fast, easy and free. Just answer a few questions there. 


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