Your opinion on the new Round Based Domination

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    I personally feel like their heart was in the right place to make the change, but I don't play competitively and that's a small fraction of their player base... If you didn't know, in Black Ops 2 the Domination Game Mode has been changed from first to 200 points wins, into first to 200 points wins, or when the time limit is reached, highest points wins, also the game is split up into two parts, forcing you flip sides of the map part way in.

    It ruins the pace of the game, destroy's the flow and momentum eaither team has. when theres 30 seconds left on the clock in the first round it's almost pointless to rush and take B Dom back, not only are you going to feed the enemy kills for thier scorestreaks but then you wont have it long enough for the 5-10 points to mean much. All that work for nothing.

    The biggest issue is that halfway through people take a look at the scoreboard while they wait and decide to leave the match rather than play it out, then others see that people are leaving and leave them selves.

    The other thing that really irks me is that there is no hope when your on the losing side, triple caps lose much of their meaning. I ran into a group of coordinated enemy's who wanted to farm our lobby, allowing us to have all 3 points once they hit 195 on the scoreboard. I had it in my mind that I would lie in wait with ghost and a silencer for when they decided it was time to win, in hope of making their plan backfire... but with the time limit there was nothing I could do, before we hit 150 time was up and I felt cheated. There have been plenty time when we pull a triple cap off at the end but time limit cuts us short when it would of allowed us the comeback had the game gone to 200.

    All in all, Dom is my favorite game type and I'm annoyed by the changes they have made to it, again I know they mean well, but they fucked it up.

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    Completely agree Crazy! I don't understand the time limit at all. It feels like they are over-balancing the mode by making the teams switch sides and making it 2 rounds. It might even work if there wasn't a time limit, switching sides when the first team reaches 100 points.

    Also, I haven't seen it yet, but it seems like you could even tie in a game of domination with a time limit. Again I haven't seen it happen but it's bound to happen eventually and I wonder if there is a 3rd round to break it or if they just call it a tie.

    I did see somewhere on the official BO2 forum that someone suggested that maybe making the rounds work like search and destroy. So the team that has the most points after the first round of Dom gets a round victory and 1 point. Then the second round resets the Dom score back to 0-0 and if the other team wins the match score would be tied at 1-1 and you'd play a 3rd round for a tie breaker. The only crappy thing about that is that you still have an unbalanced round because the 3rd round will have the teams start like the first round. So the tie-breaking round could consist of 2 quicker rounds like they do in Capture the Flag but it seems that we'd be complicating Dom so much that it just doesn't even feel like Dom anymore.

    So, I think they just need to make it play like Dom from the previous games and call it a day. But that would be like admitting that their take on Dom is flawed and devs rarely do things like that.

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    For non-linear maps, having 2 halves is the only good solution.

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