Pre-Order Crysis 3, Get Crysis Free of Charge

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    Crytek has announced that all players who pre-order their upcoming first-person shooter, Crysis 3, will receive a copy of the original, groundbreaking shooter, Crysis, free of charge.

    Upon its release and for a solid year afterwards, Crysis was the metric against which all other games were held. "Sure, that game looks great but it's not Crysis." and, "You spent how much on your PC? Can you run Crysis?" became seemingly daily occurrences in the PC community.

    While Crysis might have since been surpassed - it has been 5 years after all - the game is still just as good as it was when Crytek released it in 2007. If you've been wanting to get your hands on the game that started what would ultimately be at least a three game franchise, Crytek is giving you a chance to pick it up for free.

    All you have to do is pre-order Crysis 3 on any platform to receive a free digital copy of Crysis. When you pre-order Crysis 3, you are automatically upgraded to the Hunter Edition of the game. In addition to the free copy of Crysis, players who pre-order will also get a headstart in multiplayer with day one access to the Predator bow and its attachments, as well as the Hunter module for the Nanosuit.

    Not a bad deal, considering that I will be purchasing Crysis 3 regardless. Hope the key is transferable.

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    Cool idea, except I feel most people who would be excited enough to pre-order Crysis 3 would already own Crysis 1.

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