Guide: Playing as the Skulk in Natural Selection 2

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    Hey guys, just published a brand new guide on the Skulk in Natural Selection 2. Check out the guide below, and visit the channel on YouTube at


    Playing as the Skulk in NaturalSelection 2

    Natural Selection 2, the sequel to Half-Life mod Natural Selection, finally launched last week, after a development period of at least 6 years. The game looks and feels great, and it is rapidly gaining steam on...Steam.

    As more and more players discover the game, you're going to want to get yourself prepared to kick some serious ass. To help you do that, we're going to be putting together a series of visual guides surrounding Natural Selection 2.

    First up is our guide on playing as the Skulk, when spawning as Kharaa. The Skulk is the simplest of Kharaa units, and as Small Kiwi points out in the video above, it resembles some sort of cross-breed between a dog and a rat.

    Not something you'd want as a pet, at any rate.

    The Skulk is very fast and has a couple very basic attacks. By default, your primary attack is going to be a bite. While it isn't devastatingly powerful, the Skulk is capable of killing an average marine with a few well placed bites. Their speed and agility are probably their best assets, as they enable the Skulk to travel up walls and flank their targets.

    As your Commander unlocks further evolutions, the Skulk will be able to leap by pressing the right mouse button. This doesn't do any damage, but it will certainly help make you a very difficult target to hit. This does exhaust your stamina pretty quickly, so use it sparingly. The Skulk is a formidable force on the battlefield and when led by a worthy Commander, your team will benefit from a well-versed Kharaa player.

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    good video!

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    Yay NS2!  One of the best games of the year

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    No doubt. Definitely under-appreciated at the $25 price point.

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