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Eve 15 Billion ISK Giveaway!!!

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    Tell us why you should win!

    Bonus points for creativity, I will upload a video showcasing how I picked the winner when the contest ends on January 5th 2013!

    Good luck and fly safe!

    Edit: You will need an Eve account to claim your winnings.

    Update: Congratulations to BeauEnnui for his winning entry! Enjoy the wealth ISK, Beau!

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    "At the end of the game, the pawn and the king go back in the same box."

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    Have been playing for 2 month, but can not afford to pay for it.Every other month I am able to pay for it. Tried to play a year a go was not able to so quit. would love to be able to play without the worry of being able afford the plex.

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    I just wanna win:) 

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    So I can get more lulzy kills such as this ^_^, on the contrary if you give the isk to somone else I may be able to get more kills like this :P

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    Been Playing for a Month now and Me and a friend started a corp and we are getting no where since no one wants to join a Newbie Corp. So we would use the ISK to make our Corp better and get the ships that we need since it is really hard to Mine especially in low sec when its only two people. But yea thats my reason. To anyone who gets the ISK Congrats and use it well. Fly Safe.

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    Please I want I cause I just started

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    Liked and subscribed.

    Need 15billion to harvest more miner tears. And to get hammered on Quafe Ultra!!! If none of them are suitable 15b is needed for bounty on your ass!!

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    I'd love to get into Eve, ive only heard good things, sadly im pretty broke in RL, so i haven't gotten a chance.... TILL NOW!!!! LOL

    anyways this is an awesome give away, thx for the chance to win :)


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    I'm currently in a Corp where they do PvP quite often. I started 3 years ago but i stopped due to a sever lack of isk. I've been grinding for a while now with a friend and currently have a Raven. But i now want a Tengu and also to buy stuff for PvP and soloing Plex's. I'm currently at 470 mill, which is a decent amount but it's no where near what i need.

    I started again a couple of weeks ago and i'm really enjoying my time. I'm in a corp with great pvp space (TnT alliance) and as it stands i just don't want to do any stuff till i have more money. I'm currently grinding Rats at belts and in anomolys and i spend around 5 hours a day doing this, it isn't the most fun thing to do.

    I'm not going to lie, if i win i'm not going to say i'll give half my money away or anything, i've always been poor i'm going to use it myseelf. Though i may buy my friend a navy Raven :P

    Doubt i'll win but worth a shot, thanks for the chance to win! :)

    Youtube name = MrSolidito

    if that is needed

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    I'd love to get into Eve, ive only heard good things, sadly I'm pretty broke in RL, so i haven't gotten a chance.... TILL NOW!!!! LOL

    Use to play FFXI, and then moved onto WoW for a long time, been dying to get into a really good game.

    I really like the idea of buying an interesting char, not something super power, something i can grow and make my own, plus i like the idea of owning a really sick ship, to defend the weak, and fight for justice!  lol :D

    anyways this is an awesome give away, thx for the chance to win :) and have a great new year!

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    War - it can be for resources or a need to fulfill bloodlust. For me, it is the thrill of the fight and wiping the floor with my enemies. Countless hours are spent tracking, hunting and destroying all that they love. Many that come against me and my corporation flee to the safety of stations or NPC corps. They will never be safe as long as they are logged in and flying.

    But war is expensive and so are the tools to fight them. With 15 billion ISK, more fights and ships can be had. More victories in battle can be accomplished. The ultimate goal of our mission can be achieved. 15 billion and you will see the benefits of that ISK get put on display daily.

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    I'm looking to recruit from my Corp and Alliance a small but elite, hard hitting Special Operations squad, and the main hurdling point is ISK. I've been wanting to do such for a while, but haven't had much spare ISK for this project.

    Of course I'd start an Eve Blog about it if I could get started, 15 billion or no, so stay tuned!

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    I have avoided EVE for a long time because of the steep entrance barrier even though it is the kind of game that I love to play because of the extremely steep learning curve and time needed to invest. Something like this would most definitely get me into the game, and that can't possible hurt. I have also been a fan of FPSgeneral for a long time, ever since SmallKiwi joined with you guys. Just for you guys I will use some of the money to write out FPS GENERAL, GOOGLE it somewhere cool, just for you.

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    15 Billion ISK buys some fun stuff.  I would probably do quite a few things with it however, or at least I like to think I would.  I am sure all of it plus some would just end up being spent to buy satin lining for Somer's pockets.

    However it would be nice to help in some fashion create even more emergent game play that James 315 and Co have created in Hi-Sec.

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    I've always wanted a carrier since I started playing EVE, and with that money I could buy a thanatos, my favourite carrier!

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    I'm Playing Eve Online Since 2008.

    I'm in a small non-english corporation and our main objective is to have fun in PVP. We love to fight outnumbered.

    I wish i could win this money to help my corp-mates that can't afford expensive loses so they can fly whatever they want. I also would like this money to buy a Gallente SuperCarrier, a very beautiful ship i really like.

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    Give it to me fps general and i will use i to buy ships to die in, i will use it to buy ships to kill in and i will use to buy ships to spin in.

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    Not only do I love FPS's but EVE is my favourite MMO around as well. Now I can instruct my minions to do my FPS bidding on EVE and on Natural Selection 2!!! Hopefully we can see more crossovers with FPS in the future!!!

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    15bil Isk would allow me to finally play again! Why you may ask?  Because back in August I got married and the wife takes all my money.  But she makes amazing food and sexes me good, so I keep giving her money.  The isk would allow me to finally buy some plex again and let me get into the mix of things.



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