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    On Friday, November 2nd, 2012, we are going to be streaming The War Z live with a special guest from Hammerpoint Interactive, the studio working on the game. During the stream, we will be chatting about the game and accepting questions from the live stream audience. If you have any pressing questions, we will also be drawing some of our discussion points from this forum thread.

    Post your questions for Hammerpoint Interactive below and join us at tomorrow between the hours of 2:00PM and 5:00PM PST to see if your question is selected!

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    Have you guys had any ideas on new maps? And when do you think roughly we'd be able to get our hands on a new map?

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    my question is: why is FPS general sucking WarZ's dick so much?

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    My question is as follows. What are the team's plan(s) for zombie AI and their interaction with stimuli? As of now they don't react as I would expect them too around shooting and the sort. How would you feel about a new 'mode' for the zombies to investigate, before moving on the attack?

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    Can we please get the wipe done as soon as possible so we can all take the game seriously again. Right now with an eminent wipe I have little motivation to play since everything I do will soon be gone. 

    Thank you, Keep the good patches coming! 

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    Are there plans for new zombies types (not skins)? Example: Rare zombies that guard high end loot IE: Fast Zombies, wall climbing zombies that spit acid on you, or larger mutant zombies that are harder to kill. Use your imagination. I feel that some rare but harder zombies would be awesome for groups and clans to take on, and with that added challenge would come a reward of some high end loot.

    Right now when groups are formed people just look for PVP. I'd like to start seeing groups formed to find a PVE challenge also. I feel like we are too worried about the normal zombies when those should just be cannon fodder, and more worried about elite zombies that you can choose to fight or not to fight. 


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    What about those who can't play game because of low fps? Are they making any tweaks? Because there are many people with actually good pc, but fps is still crappy.

    Thank you.

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    After opening the rest of the map, do you guys have any more changes planned to this current map?

    Like, for example, adding small camps randomly placed in forests... Or expanding Colorado even more before releasing a 2nd map?


    Thank you and keep the great work!

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    Will there be any plans to add animals into the game so we can hunt for food? i think this would work well in the forest areas.


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    My question is if you have any plans on changing the sounds of the game, being that when you're around a zombie no matter how far the distance between you is you can hear them as if they are standing next to you.

    And are you planning on putting any focus/zoom button to help players see a little better before walking into a town full of zombies? I understand we have bino's but it hell hard when you have no clue.

    Thanks for making an awesome game!

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    Do you plan on incorporating more of a survival aspect to the game? As of right now having an empty food or water meter doesn't do anything to you. What will happen in the future when the bars go empty? Will there be animals you can hunt for food and the necessary items required to carve and cook it? Food is very hard to find at loot spots. As of right now, moving around with a small group of friends it is impossible to keep everyone's food levels up.

    How do you plan to expand on the current medical system? You have items already in place for an extensive system to treat the zombie infection, broken limbs, bleeding wounds and the like.

    Place-able objects like the wooden barricades, sandbags and wire fencing are great tools to fortify a location for you and your squad. If you want to make a temporary or more long term base. Do you plan on having them sold by NPC's or created by a crafting system? Will there be a crafting system?

    What are your plans on changing the the quantity and quality of loot spawns? Specifically: There are too many hats. Overabundance of water. Hats spawning at APC's do not make sense.

    Finally, I love what you and your team have created so far and look forward to see how the game grows in the future.

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    when are server rental going to be a option..? 

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    The global inventory is gonna be reseted

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    1. Will the rate of which hunger is restored be looked at? I find it takes a lot of food to restore your hunger meter.

    2. Is there any plans to have the lakes/ponds play a roll in the game at all?

    3. The new zombies are great but did you notice all the zombie sounds are female now?

    4. Safe zones are constantly being camped by people trying to reach bandit status quickly, making these zones the complete opposite of "safe" have you guys considered removing these zones?

    That's it for now, thank you!

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    Are there any plans to decrease PKing?

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    I am curios to know if they are aware of a problem using extended mags(STANAG-C) for instance. Once you use up the mag, there is no way to switch back to a standard STANAG clip. You can only reload if you have another extended mag. Thanks!

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    Will you be adding animals anytime soon, so we could hunt for food when we're not near farms, towns or cities?
    Also when will vehicles be introduced?
    One more question, will we be able to swim through water in the future?

    I bet others will cover the rest with their questions.

    All in all guys I love the game, keep up the great work and I'll keep playing! :D You're one of the best devs out there. ;)

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    Ultimate question: Will you guys ever be releasing the SDK or mapping software to the public? Best way to keep your game going strong is to let the community pitch in with great user made maps. Just ask Bohemia how great it was selling an extra 2 million copies of Arma II because of some silly user made mod :)

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    1. I wonder if we will see more zombie in big city, or like migration of a huge bunch of zombies on the road ?

    2. Are we going to be able to craft and hunt ?

    3. Are we ganna see like more destroyed/intact (cause lm sure not every car is destroy) car on the road outside, near big city ?

    4. Are we going to be able to swim ?

    5. Is there ganna be PVP/PVE Serveur ?

    6. For the future transport, are they ganna need gaz ?

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