Dealing With Hackers Rightfully Taking Precedence Over Clan Support

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    Hammerpoint announced this morning that they would be pushing back clan support in The War Z, so that they can step up their anti-cheat efforts. The statement from Hammerpoint reads:

    "What we're working on, a quick update Hello all, your friendly neighborhood SP here!

    I just wanted to drop everyone a line on what's going on over here.

    As I'm sure all of you are aware, there's been a lot of discussion lately surrounding the hackers. Over here we've been working round the clock on a solution - however, that's meant we've had to push back Clans a bit, so its looking more like next week. We're also investigating a number of bugs, such as the ability to glitch onto roofs, and item duplication.

    In the mean time our design and art teams have been kicking some serious tail getting some polish work in and pushing towards full map completion.

    Also - we've fixed the mossberg spawns, and item spawns in general should start rounding out soon (as in a cleaner balance of food to water to weaponry). As always, we love reading your feedback, so keep it coming!"

    Check out the full story at

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    Still lots of hacking complaints. Always the bane of online gaming :{

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    Yeah, I don't mind waiting on clan support if it means a better environment for that clan.  

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    Well fortunately for you Mr. Hawkeye, Clan Support was release last night! Although cheaters still run rampant :\

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    I feel like we just talked about Clans like they were children...... I just want a better world to bring the, into.  

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    haha if only this world of WarZ wasn't infected with the cheating curse... Clans might just grow up to do something meaningful.

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