Project Caliber Clan Recruit Players for BO2, BF3, and Halo 4!

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    Project Caliber [ProC] is a newly established 360 clan that is focused within the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo franchise. Although we are just starting as a community, our membership has had a presence in the CoD franchise since its beginnings. Project Caliber: can offer you, as a new member, several things. First and foremost, we offer you a small, well organized community that pioneers itself with a mature and friendly enviroment. Additionally, due to our infancy we can offer new members leadership opportunities, allowing you to make your mark on the community at a very early stage. While we do play competitively, we are home to casual players as well. If you're not having fun playing the game, then you're doing something wrong.

    While we like to keep the community as laid back as possible, there are a few things that are required if you desire membership within Project Caliber:

    Maturity: In order to maintain fun, good conduct, and discipline within the community maturity is absolutely essential. We ask that your atleast 18 years old. Few exceptions will be made if you display respect and maturity.
    Participation: If you would like be apart of the community, please be apart of the community. Project Caliber is what you make of it.
    Respect: Treat others as you would like to be treated. (See Maturity)
    Allegience: A sense of allegience and loyalty will enhance your ProC experience. We require that ProC: be the only clan you are apart of

    Project Caliber, has also established itself on ELITE by participating in the available Clan Ops and climbing the ranks. While we are young as a community, your contribution to the clan and the clan ops could be much larger than you may think.

    For the competitive gamer we offer the chance to get sponsored, and the ability to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

    Procject Caliber is looking for a few members with Staff experience, we are looking to add quality members to help run our divisions. Please add your experience in your recruit application.

    If you're interested in making a real contribution to a community, and forging the way for a new kind of clan stop by and apply via our website.
    You may also send me a friend request on live (ProC StaTiC) and play a few matches to have a chance and meet your potential teammates.

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    Each squad is has either just finished a practice, or still in one, competitive players and casual players are all welcome. Give us a shot, you guys may learn some techniques you may have never known before! I certainly did.

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    ProC has been progressing really well and we've had a good amount of members join so keep em coming.

    All types of gamers are welcome here so come check us out!

    Also, Happy holidays everyone, stay safe on your travels.

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    Now that Thanksgiving is over ProC is now getting back into the gaming mindset.
    We have an optional practice today discussing competitive play and basically a "getting to know each other's gameplay" practice.

    Come join us today and see whats up!

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