Hello FPS-General Community, I'm Spaz.

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    I'm Spaz, a 27 year old  gamer from northern california, bay area represent!(lol.) and all that good stuff, I've been gaming since the OG nintendo back in 90 when I got it for xmas(when I was 5.) After that I was hooked on whatever games I could get on, when I wasn't out in the woods building tree forts and rope swings, I was mashing buttons and playing Tiger Heli.. The first game that soaked a massive amount of my time, was Zelda, and then followed by Earthbound, Super Mario RPG and some other SNES games.. 

    My first "FPS" I suppose would've been Castle Wolfienstien for the SNES/ DooM for the PC... but what stuck it to the genre for me, was without a doubt GoldenEye 007, the first game that kept me and my friends split screen gaming all night, often. After that well, I was sold. So that's who I am, hoping they bring more and more games like Borderlands out, because split screen with your buddies, and Couch Co-Op game play in general is well, a great way to play.

    Now I primarily play Black Ops 2, with jumps into other games from here and there (PC MMOs, RTS, and occasion RPG on random consoles.) IF anybody ever wants to get some CoD:Black Ops2 games going on, I play Hardcore primarily, and it would be a blast to meet some, chill new "Mature" gamers that play around my time. (After 12o'clock midnight PST.) 

    Cheers, Spaz(Shane)

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