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BioShock Infinite Full Chapter List

BioShock Infinite is all about the incredible story telling and engaging narrative that the game offers. From the very beginning, this franchise has been powered by amazing stories and brilliantly written characters.

With BioShock Infinite, Irrational Games is at their strongest in creating a truly amazing story. The story in BioShock Infinite will take you roughly 10 - 14 hours to complete, depending on how much of the game you want to experience. If you're looking for a quick run through, you're going to be around 8 - 10 hours but if you are a completionist and want to do everything that the game offers, you can expect to get around 14 - 16 hours out of the story.

All told, BioShock Infinite includes 40 chapters. Be aware that this list does contain minor spoilers, as the chapter description reveals a bit about what the chapter includes. The 40 chapters in BioShock Infinite - in order - are:

1. The Lighthouse – My debts were many. My options were few.

2. Welcome Center – All I had were questions. But questions get you killed.

3. Raffle Square

4. Comstock Center Rooftops – They had my scent. If I didn’t get the girl soon, this whole job would be scotched.

5. Monument Island Gateway – Comstock knew I was coming. Who told him? Them that sent me here? If so, what’s their real game?

6. Monument Tower – It didn’t seem like a place to hold a young girl…What were these people so afraid of?

7. Battleship Bay – I’ve been told to tell the girl whatever she wants to hear, so long as she comes along.

8. Soldier’s Field – They think the girl as something out of prophecy. Folks’ll die for their beliefs. Or kill.

9. The Hall of Heroes – Slate. Man’s always been half a fool, half a hero. Never could tell which side was more dangerous.

10. Inside the Hall of Heroes

11. Hall of Heroes Gift Shop

12. Return to the Hall of Heroes

13. Finkton Docks – Turns out, the girl’s no fool. And I’d prefer not to fall on the wrong side of her temper.

14. Beggar’s Wharf

15. Fort Franklin Pier

16. Worker Induction Center

17. The Plaza of Zeal – I don’t trust Fitzroy to honor our deal. Rich, poor — a welsher’s a welsher.

18. The Good Time Club

19. The Plaza of Zeal

20. The Gunsmith Shop – Hard to believe a Chinaman like Chen Lin could come to own his own shop. Man must have friends.

21. Shantytown -Elizabeth’s got real feeling for the folks of Shantytown. Feelings like enough to get her killed.

22. The Bull House Impound – The Bull House reminded me of the Pinkerton offices. Hard looking building, hard looking men.

23. The Bull Yard

24.  Finkton Proper

25. On to the Factory – Fitzroy’s looking for blood. One things for sure…Fink and her won’t both be seeing the sunrise.

26. The Factory Courtyard

27. The Factory

28. Emporia – The Bird and Elizabeth have some sort of connection. If I could put him down, would she let me?

29. Port Prosperity

30. Downtown Emporia – Maybe the girl thought putting down Fitzroy would end it. But there’s more where she came from.

31. Memorial Gardens

32. Comstock House – There’s a debt I owe the girl, and if it means paying her and not the man in New York so be it.

33. The Atrium

34. Warden’s Office

35. The Operating Theater

36. The Hand of the Prophet – Comstock did more than torture her. He’s turning into…into him. That’s not going to happen.

37. Hangar Deck

38. Engineering Deck

39. Command Deck

40. The Sea of Doors

Make sure to check out our full walkthrough of BioShock Infinite for more on the game.


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