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The CHICOM CQB is a weapon that we are struggling to find a real-life counterpart for. As we understand it, 'CHICOM' is a term used for Chinese Communist. Essentially, during the Vietnam War, the Vietcong (VC) were given weapons by China - a Communist nation. CHICOM became a slang term for weapons that came from that region and many were knock-offs of more established weaponry, including the Type 56 which 'borrowed' design principles quite liberally from the Soviet AK-47.

To the best of our ability, we believe that the CHICOM CQB is the French MAT-49 submachine gun. The MAT-49 was used from the late 1940's through the late 1970's and was widely available in China. It is perfectly feasible that the Vietcong could have acquired any number of MAT-49's from the Chinese.

At any rate, the CHICOM CQB is a submachine gun with little recoil and appears to fire in burst fire mode. The rate of fire is so high, however, that it appears to be firing in full-auto. The damage seems to be pretty high, as the player is able to take down a Dragonfire killstreak reward with some well placed rounds.

Spotted In-Game:

Spotted in the multiplayer reveal trailer


  • #3 Islarf

    Those are not the target finder... -.- have you guys even played the game...
    This is like Reviewing a movie and not having seen it first

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  • #2 GairyHooch

    Wow, the French Mat-49? I'm not sure how you guys came to that conclusion... but the Chicom CQB is based off of the CQC-05 chinese submachine gun.

  • #1 beastblazer

    the  CHICOM CQB looks nothing like that it looks more like a fmg9 with a bullpup mag.

    and it is three round burst


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