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Black Ops 2 Weapons - Shotguns

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Shotguns are ultimately going to be one of the least used primary weapon types in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, with most players favoring assault rifles and submachine guns. We find this to be a shame, because shotguns have their place in competitive multiplayer just like any other weapon type.

These powerful weapons have incredibly high-damage but a very low accuracy. If you're not withing 6 - 10 feet of your enemy, don't expect the shotgun to do much damage. Additionally, shotguns fire bursts of pellets or 'shot' that expands outward the further you are away from your target. Just because you are aiming at their upper body, doesn't necessarily mean your spread of shot will do damage to that part of your target.

Make sure you move in close to deal the most damage on target.

Players who use shotguns will succeed when employing them in a rush or fast-moving class. Coupling a powerful shotgun with Extreme Conditioning and Lightweight will produce a very swift player, capable of dealing death with one or two well placed shots.

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