Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Weapons - Light Machine Guns

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Light Machine Guns

Light Machine Guns join Shotguns as some of the least used weapons in Call of Duty. That isn't to say that the guns don't have their proper user base, but the truth is that more people will use assault rifles and submachine guns. Light Machine Guns are much heavier than any other weapon, so expect to move more slowly.

If movement speed is a concern, make sure that you couple an LMG with perks like Lightweight, to help compensate for the increased weight you will be carrying with that big firearm.

Some of the benefits of light machine guns include the massive amount of ammunition per magazine and a reasonably accurate rate of fire. If you hate firing 30 rounds and having to reload, LMGs might be a good match for you. A typical magazine can carry 100 rounds before you need to reload. The flipside to this is that reloading takes much longer, even with Sleight of Hand.

None the less, if you're looking to lay down some heavy suppressing fire in any game mode in Black Ops 2, there is no better weapon than a light machine gun. Let's take a look at what Black Ops 2 has to offer in terms of LMGs.

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