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Black Ops 2 Weapons - Lethal & Tactical Items

Use the navigation below to check out all of the lethal and tactical gear as well as some special equipment available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2!

Lethal Items

Equipment in Black Ops 2 comes in two forms; Lethal gear and Tactical gear. Players can choose one from each of these categories by default, but with the new Pick 10 system, you can change that up in any way you fancy.

Lethal items are things that you carry in your arsenal that can bring death to your enemies directly. Things like tomahawks or grenades would be considered Lethal gear. Let's take a look at what Black Ops 2 has in terms of lethal items you can have up your sleeve.

Bouncing Betty

The bouncing betty made its first appearance in Call of Duty: World at War, also developed by Treyarch. When Black Ops came around, the studio did not bring the World War II era weapon into the Cold War setting, but (surprisingly) Infinity Ward brought it out of retirement for Modern Warfare 3.

The weapon is pretty straight forward and acts somewhat like a Claymore mine. When placed, the Bouncing Betty will detect enemy movement and spring straight up, deploying its explosive in a set radius. They aren't foolproof, however, as they take longer than Claymore mines do to detonate and can be bypassed by going prone and moving past them.

On the flipside, they are much harder to spot than Claymore mines.


C4 has been a staple in Call of Duty multiplayer for years, never really changing the outside of the appearance. When deployed, players will pull out a remote detonator which they can use at their discretion. 

The hero of campers around the world, C4 lends itself well to sitting in a corner, waiting for your enemy to come into the room where you promptly detonate the C4 package. While this can be humorous the first time you do it, most players would be better served playing the objective or, you know, earning kills.

None the less, C4 is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

Claymore Mine

Similar to the Bouncing Betty, the Claymore can be deployed and left to earn you a kill anywhere you choose. Unlike C4, you don't have to detonate these yourself, as they detect enemy movement and detonate accordingly.

The Claymore differs in several key ways from the Bouncing Betty, however. First, and foremost, the Claymore is much more powerful and therefore much easier to spot on the ground. The protruding laser detection system can be spotted from several yards away, if you have a keen eye.

By default, there is no real way to avoid a Claymore once you have triggered it. The best you can hope for is to use a perk like Flak Jacket which will lower the amount of explosive damage you take or Engineer which will delay the detonation of the Claymore.

Frag Grenade

The fragmentation grenade, or frag, has been around in Call of Duty since the beginning. In multiplayer, it has long since been a staple and probably always will be.

Black Ops 2 is no exception to that rule. The frag grenade is as basic as it gets; pull the pin, throw at enemy, take cover. The nimble Call of Duty player will quickly learn to master the art of 'cooking' the grenade, which means holding it in your hand for an extra second or two, thus causing it to explode as it arrives near your target, rather than giving them the chance to throw it back.

Frag grenades are straight forward and effective and there's really not much more to say.


Similar to the frag grenade in many ways, the Semtex is actually plastic explosive and, in the world of Call of Duty, sticks to every surface on Earth except the thrower's hands.

Once stuck, you have essentially no chance for survival. We're unsure if using Flak Jacket will protect you from the full force of a Semtex that has attached itself to your body. Semtex can be great if you are typically pretty accurate with your grenade tosses, but if not, you will want to consider Frags isntead.

Semtex cannot be cooked and if you miss your target's area of operations, you are basically out of luck. Frags on the other hand, will actually roll about a little bit and have the added bonus of being able to be cooked.

Note that the image above is from Modern Warfare 3.


First seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Tomahawk is returning in Black Ops 2. This is a projectile that is an instant kill on any part of the body. To balance that out, the Tomahawk takes some experience before you can successfully hit your targets at any great range.

There is an arc on the Tomahawk, so that when you throw it, the projectile will not simply fly straight for a set amount of time. It arcs in such a way that you will need to master the curve before you can use the Tomahawk at anything other than close ranges.

The Tomahawk can also be retrieved once you have thrown it, assuming you didn't chuck it off the map.

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