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Cargo takes place near the water in Singapore, at the port. The map could have also been titled, 'Container City' and we wouldn't have blinked an eye. Being on the port, there are more shipping containers than you can imagine seeing in one place. Unless, you know, you've been to a port in real life

With all of these containers, however, there is a ton of cover and tight routes and this doesn't even include the buildings that dot the map.

There are a ton of routes on Cargo, with one long sweeping path that circles the perimeter of the map. As you can see on the map below, in addition to the long perimeter, there are a ton of smaller, tighter paths at the heart of the map with a very open loading area in the middle.

Treyarch is known for interactivity and changing variables on their multiplayer maps, and with Cargo they have a crane operator who has refused to give up his post, even in the face of certain death and open warfare. The crane periodically moves containers around, changing your cover areas and possibly making you visible when you thought you were concealed, so be wary.

Take a look at the video above, but somebody, seriously, please get that crane operator a pay raise.




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