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Drone takes place in the jungles of Myanmar, at a secret drone facility. The map is surrounded by the jungle, but most of the combat takes place either inside various buildings or on areas of the facility floor outside.

This map features a really solid blend of indoor and outdoor combat, with some incredibly tight and frantic engagements inside and long-range sniping and firefights in the outdoor routes, up the center of the map. The middle of the map is where most of your action is going to be taking place, and it's pretty much a guaranteed death to run up the center of Drone without keeping your eyes moving in about a hundred different directions.

Elevation is a major issue, with a half dozen spots that you can reach on upper-floors that will give you a great vantage point over the combat below. This holds true all over the map, so make sure you are keeping upper stories in mind when moving from place to place.

On Drone, most of the combat will take place in the center of the map and inside the connecting buildings.




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