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Hijacked takes place on 'luxurious super yacht', with some incredibly tight combat and not too many opportunities for long range gunplay. With that being said, there are long range sightlines but they are definitely in the minority here.

As Crazy Penguin discusses in the video above, Hijacked is a very small map and the combat on it will be fast moving and non-stop. Expect nearly constant engagements as it takes just a few seconds at most to make it from your spawn point to the center of the firefight, regardless of where you spawn on the map. The size can be deceiving if you look at the overhead map below, as there are actually multiple stories and routes that bring verticality into play.

Be wary of the second tier balconies as players have already discovered that you can throw down a claymore or bouncing betty and stay up there for a while, picking players off on the decks below. The area is pretty open, so if someone is giving you hell from up there, you can sit back from a distance and most likely take them down.

As far as routes, the map is laid out in a pretty straightforward way with a path on either side of the two main cabins, as well as routes straight up the middle.

Hijacked favors assault rifles, submachine guns and shotguns and won't be kind to sniper rifles or light machine guns.



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