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Meltdown takes place in Pakistan, with the battle taking place on a nuclear power plant. We must say, it's nice to have a middle eastern map not set in a dirty, poverty-stricken urban city with brown stone buildings and garbage on the floors. But don't fret, Black Ops 2 has those, too!

This map is not as straightforward as something like Hijacked, and features several unique areas that will lend themselves well to many different gameplay styles. As Crazy Penguin discusses in the video above, the center of the map is going to be the most highly contest area and something you're going to want to make sure your team is dominating.

On one side of the map, you have a long path with several great cover spots. This area will lend itself to just about any play style as there are both short-range and long-range sight lines. On the opposite side of the map is where the nuclear cooling tower is situated, which offers multiple stories and some elements of verticality to contend with.

Meltdown plays well with assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns and sniper rifles while shotgun users will not have as many tight corners and routes to make use of.




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