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Nuketown 2025

Nuketown 2025 is a reimagined version of the classic Call of Duty: Black Ops map, Nuketown. When Black Ops launched, Nuketown quickly became of the most popular maps due to its layout, size and nuclear charm. When Black Ops 2 was announced, Treyarch revealed that Nuketown 2025 would be available as a pre-order bonus for folks who reserved a copy of the game on any platform.

At its heart, Nuketown 2025 is the same as the original map, with an update look and feel. The layout is the same, and gameplay flows just as quickly on 2025 as it did on the original.

This is a very small map with a very straightforward layout; two large buildings on either side of the map bring height factor into play, and on the ground, there are obvious flanking routes on both sides of the map, with smaller, tighter paths up the center.

Being a DLC-only map, the only way you can get into Nuketown 2025 right now is to jump into a Nuketown 2025 Moshpit playlist. This does mean, however, that you're going to have to branch out and be ready to play any of the game modes on rotation. For staunch Team Deathmatch players, get ready for some objective game modes.


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