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Overflow takes place in Peshawar, Pakistan and sports an urban combat setting, great for some frantic and exciting firefights.

This is one of the larger maps in Black Ops 2 and features a ton of different routes and areas, bringing a really diverse (and chaotic) experience. Overflow takes some getting used to, with the size and initial scope of the map but it really is quite simple.

As Crazy Penguin breaks it down in the video above, the map is basically composed of three main routes. Looking at the overhead map below, you can see that there is a tight, narrow route on the left. This is basically an alleyway with pretty long sightlines and usually sees a fair amount of action.

Straight up the center, you have the hottest area on the map. There is a lot of cover and junk strewn about, but most of the fighting is going to be focused in this part of Overflow. Several of the windows off of the flanking routes overlook the center of the map, so be wary of players sniping in higher areas. 

Finally, we have the route on the right. This area is pretty open but ultimately doesn't see the majority of the fighting but can be used to work your way around the map if you need to try and set up a flanking route to capture a flag or Domination point.



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