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Slums takes place in a rundown area in Panama, with a handful of choke points that will be hotly contested in any match. Ironically, the map called 'Slums' isn't nearly as decrepit and broken as ninety-percent of the brown-pallet middle eastern maps that Call of Duty is so prone to.

As Crazy Penguin points out, you're going to be contesting the center of the map and that's exactly the area that you'll want to control. With most routes ultimately taking you to the heart of Slums, being in control of that area will give you a distinct advantage in objective modes.

The map supports many playstyles and you really can't go wrong with any weapon type on Slums. Shotgun users will find plenty of close quarters areas to dominate and longer-range weapons will succeed in the center of the map and in various open areas. Snipers can do well, but be advised that the sight lines along both sides of the map are much longer than in some of the tighter areas down the middle.



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