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Borderlands 2 Weapon Maker Walkthrough: Dahl

Founded by Stanton Dahl, the Dahl Corporation is one of the most trusted names in weapons in all of Pandora. Dahl weapons are also some of the most in Borderlands 2, matched by none in recoil compensation. Hyperion's stabilizers are great if you don't mind firing off a dozen shots in who knows which direction. Dahl, on the other hand, values a steady shooting experience.

In addition to the steadiness, Dahl is the only weapons maker that offers multiple firing modes. When you aim down the sights of a Dahl weapon, it will automatically switch to burst-fire mode

Assault Rifles

Dahl manufacturers a slew of assault rifles that are diverse as it gets. Some of their rifles launch grenades and make use of Torgue technology.

Keep in mind, however, that being a Dahl, that assault rifle that throws grenades will still fire in burst mode when you aim down the sites...

Do you see where we're going with this?

Burst-fire grenade lobbing. It's the new burst fire bullet shooting.

If you're going to make use of the burst fire mode, we recommend doing so with a Dahl assault rifle.

Keep reading for more on the weapons that Dahl manufactures in Borderlands 2.


Pistols from Dahl function the same way as the rest of their arsenal, in that they fire in burst mode when aimed down the iron sights. This can be particularly useful as you get progressively more badass and powerful pistols.

It might be more of a hindrance than anything else with low-powered handguns, but as you start to customize these pistols with technology from other weapons makers, you can come up with some pretty nasty combinations.

Some of the pistols include the Loaded Repeater, Tactical Anaconda, Skirmish Magnum and the Loaded Teapot (which is much more awesome than it sounds).

Sniper Rifles

Dahl sniper rifles don't pack quite the punch-per-round as other weapons makers, but they make up for it in the ability to let loose multiple high-impact rounds into your target with one burst.

This isn't to say that Dahl sniper rifles are weak, mind you. You're just not going to get the one-shot kills that other weapons manufacturer will provide. But that's not what Dahl sniper rifles are designed for. These rifles are best when used against enemies with clear weak spots that you can exploit.

Take aim and let loose a burst of up to 6 rounds into your target. Unfortunately, the magazine size on Dahl sniper rifles doesn't allow for doing this multiple times in succession. Usually, you'll be happy to get off two or three bursts before having to reload.

Submachine Guns

Burst-firing any Dahl weapon is best when you're wielding a gun with elemental damage effects.

This rings especially true with Dahl SMGs, as you are going to be able to accurately put down a healthy amount of fire on your targets without having to reload, thanks to the bigger magazine size in these guns.

If you're just wanting to run 'n' gun, Dahl SMGs will fire in full-auto when firing from the hip so they can make an ideal weapon for Salvador.

If burst-fire is your preferred firing mode, you really don't have to think twice about going with Dahl. Putting down more fire on your enemies with precision, and from a greater distance than other weapons, is a huge asset on the battlefield.

Particularly when you're playing co-op, as you can hang back and pick enemies off, offering protection for your teammates.


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