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Know Your Enemy: Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island Riptide is a game about zombies, but as with any good undead game, not all zombies are reanimated equally. Without further ado, let's take a look at the enemies that you will be facing off against in Dead Island Riptide!


Perhaps the most common type of zombie in Dead Island Riptide, second to the Walker, Infected are a fast-moving enemy. Typically spawning in groups, rather than on their own, Infected can take you down with sheer speed of movement and attacks.

On their own, Infected don't present much of a challenge but in a group, you want to be cautious. Overconfidence is a mistake easily made.

Infected are noted by their fast movement speed, bloody wounds and high-pitched screams. Difficulty varies depending on the level of the Infected, but typically these are not the most challenging enemy type. 


Walkers are easily the most common type of zombie in Dead Island Riptide. Everything you expect from a zombie, based on generic pop culture stereotypes, is represented by the Walker.

Slow moving, deliberate and shambling, the Walker doesn't usually present much of a problem to the player. Walkers can often be knocked to the ground, where the player can easily attack them before they get back up, finishing them off before taking any damage.

The biggest threat that Walkers pose is when they come upon you in mobs. Even given their relative weakness, enough of them together can present a problem to even the most well-equipped hero in Dead Island Riptide.


Thugs are large, powerful zombies that were likely some sort of body builder or lumberjack before their unfortunate death and subsequent reanimation.

Where Walkers and Infected aren't too difficult to bring down, Thugs are more resilient. They have multiple types of attacks and can do some serious damage to you if you aren't careful. A good strategy is to move in quick and attack them before they get too aggressive, but don't stick around too long in close because they can be ruthless with their strikes.

Thugs are noted by their roar and sheer hulking size.


Butchers are a nasty specimen, making their return from the original Dead Island.

Their forearms have mutated, leaving them with no hands but razor sharp bones jutting out from the flesh instead. These bones, naturally, are used like blades with lethal effect if you get too close. If this wasn't enough, Butchers are also agile and can avoid your melee attacks.

Using ranged weapons is never a bad idea with Butchers, especially thrown melee weapons like the Katana or Axe from the original Dead Island. Presumably, Dead Island Riptide will feature similar weapons.


Floaters are basically disgusting in every way. Their bodies are completely waterlogged, leaving them bloated and stretching their skin across their wasted bodies. Increasing their charm, Floaters tend to projectile vomit a green bile that travels in a wide, disgusting arc making it quite challenging to avoid.

This bile naturally blinds you and makes you vulnerable to attacks from other zombies. Due to their rancid, blubbery skin, Floaters can withstand plenty of damage and stick around to puke their green bile all over you again.

Yeah, disgusting.


If you thought that the Floater was repulsive, just wait until you meet the Suicider!

Having mutated due to overexposure to the infection, most likely, the Suiciders skin has been covered in delicious, massive gas-filled boils. These boils are filled with infectious gas and liquids, ripe for the picking. Thankfully, the Suicider is a simple minded creature, with only one attack to his name; to charge you aimlessly until he is within arms reach upon which he will detonate his boils, causing instant death to anything within the blast radius including you, the hero.



The Grenadier is one of the few announced zombie types to make their first appearance in Dead Island Riptide.

Specializing in the ability to chuck grenades at the player, the Grenadier is a unique zombie type indeed. Naturally, rather than throwing traditional grenades like a normal human being, the Grenadier rips cancerous growths off of its infected legs and flings those at the player instead. I am coming to love zombies more and more as I write these guides.


The Drowner is not your average, shambling zombie. This guy, brand new to Dead Island Riptide, will appear in heavily flooded areas of the island. They will often lie in the shallows, appearing as nothing more than a waterlogged corpse. Until you get too close, that is.

That is when the Drowner makes his move, springing from the water to attack and pull you into a fierce grapple. Drowners are fast, as well, with the ability to sprint in addition to their relative resourcefullness in laying in wait as they do.


The last known zombie that is new to Dead Island Riptide is the Wrestler. This behemoth zombie type is large, powerful and capable of inflicting mass amounts of damage to the player as well as sustaining a decent amount themselves.

The Wrestler uses his beefy, mutated arms like clubs to batter you into submission.


Note that due to these guides being prepared pre-release of Dead Island Riptide, some of the screenshots used here are from the original Dead Island where most of these zombie types first appeared. 


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