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    I'd probably go exploring. Rain forests, caves, mountains, nothing is inaccessible with that suit.

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    When me and my roommate at school use to play Combat Arms, the lag during the day was absolutly awful so we use to set an alarm for around 3-4 AM in order to play when there were less people awake and on line on campus. Even then, the lag was pretty bad so we ended up playin 1v1 a lot. We usually played on Snow Mountain and me being very pessimistic about being able to play too much, I never bought any of the better guns. My roommate on the other hand, tricked out his character with guns and mines. After maybe 5 mins, the map would just be filled with mines and walking around was just impossible so what I did was after killing him and grabbing his scoped rifle, I sat on the top of the hill on the southern part of the map and would just shoot the mines near him when he spawned. Endless rage on his part which led to a lot less use of mines from that point on.

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