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    My friends and I should win because we are average joe's to a T. We are not the most elite at call of duty but we love gaming. We bust our asses long hours at work. And they are by no means dream jobs like I am sure most people do not work their dream job. But we do what we gotta and even tho we do not bring home the hugest check ever known to man we still manage to scrap up enough money to buy new games and dlc when they drop. And with franchises like call of duty it seems to be a guarantee once a year if not twice a year. A large number of black ops players are of their teen years and their parents pay for their game. So I think it speaks to any person of any age who works hard to earn a paycheck but is still a dedicated gamer and drops there hard earned money on these games. Thanks for your consideration and good luck to all the rest of the entrants

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