Arctic Combat

¡Que Bueno! Arctic Combat Launches South American Server

Webzen has announced the launch of a brand new South American server for their excellent first-person shooter Arctic Combat. This new server will open up the game to a whole new audience that no longer has to connect over a distance, providing an overall better experience. With the new server, Webzen is also localizing Arctic Combat in Spanish and Portuguese, making the experience for folks in South America that much better.

“We’re very pleased to introduce the new server for our players in South America,” said Webzen head Jihun Lee. “We are dedicated to providing localized service to the Arctic Combat community, and committed to continuously introducing new content to the experience.”

The new content mentioned by Lee was released alongside the new server and includes one new weapon and a new map. The new gun is the TAR-21, an assault rifle that has seen some love in the FPS community before. The new map is called 'Highway' and will be available in Team Deathmatch. Last, but not least, players will be able to purchase limited edition Valentine's Day editions of certain weapons.

If you're looking to chuck heart-patterned grenades and wield pink assault rifles, this content is your time to shine.

Arctic Combat is available now and is free to play. Check out the new content in the game on Steam or at


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