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Bohemia Talks Lighting in Arma 3, Showcase in Video

One of the often overlooked aspects of a first-person shooter game engine is the capabilities to produce true to life lighting environments.

Bohemia Interactive is confident that Arma 3 has some pretty impressive lighting capabilities, and to prove it they have released a lighting showcase video and an in-depth interview with Pavel Guglava, one of the Lead Artists on Arma 3. Pavel is responsible primarily for lighting and environments, and goes in-depth on those very aspects of Arma 3.

The interview is a great read, and the video is a must-watch for fans of the Arma franchise. Here is a quick snippet of Pavel's comments, and a link to the full interview can be found below...

One relatively common complaint was with night-vision, and the way our old HDR implementation left some room for improvement. What changes have been made in this area?

Gugla: We have tweaked the colours displayed in night-vision optics. Those, together with improved lighting and more accurate HDR, result in a more realistic feel, especially when entering a village under the cover of darkness.

How far does lighting go? Does, say, every vehicle benefit from the improvements we've seen so far?

The number of used lights and lighting effects is enormous. We've created a large number of new assets for Arma 3, each one with its own lights. Our goal was to make all of them useful, to make them look as realistic as possible, and yet not tap too much performance. Players will encounter those lights mostly on vehicles, boats, helicopters and street lights.

Check out the full interview at and be sure to give the video above a look.


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