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Preview Battlefield 3's Lethal, Silent Crossbow

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 isn't the only game boasting a military-grade crossbow these days. With Battlefield 3: Aftermath, DICE is joining the ever-growing club of first-person shooters featuring badass modified crossbows. Oh, Turok called, by the way, he wants his weapon back.

If you've been looking forward to the crossbow like the rest of us, DICE is giving us a preview of the weapon in advance of its November release.

Inspired by real life military engineering ingenuity, this crossbow is created by taking the stock of a malfunctioning assault rifle and adding the other parts needed, like a piece of wire for the string and some scrap metal for the bow mechanic. The result is an improvised and silent way to deliver deadly force to the enemy, including four distinct types of bolts to switch between depending on what the situation calls for.

The crossbow can fire four unique bolts, providing ammunition for any occasion. The standard barbed crossbow bolt is your run-of-the-mill crossbow ammo, capable of dealing high damage but not at any great range. The high explosive bolt is very reminiscent of the original Black Ops. This bolt has C4 attached to the end, exploding on impact. This bolt doesn't deal the same punch that an RPG can issue, but it's a great weapon to have in your arsenal.

Things start to get really interesting with the scan bolt, which actually has a radio transmitter on the end. This is a tactical bolt, and scans the perimeter for enemies upon being fired. This can be a great way to sniff enemies out who may be camping inside buildings near objectives.

Finally, we have the double feathered bolt which deals death over long distances. Thanks to its aerodynamic build, this bolt can effectively serve as a sniper weapon of sorts.

We can't wait to check out the crossbow for ourselves when Battlefield 3: Aftermath goes live in late November.

Source: Battlefield Blog


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