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DICE Previews Battlefield 3: End Game Expansion Pack

DICE has released the first look at the upcoming Battlefield 3: End Game expansion, showing off the dirt bikes that players will be able to pilot when the content ships next year.

As announced by DICE, Battlefield 3: End Game is set to include:

  • Four new maps designed for high speed combat and action
  • Three new vehicles including the fast and agile dirt bikes
  • New dropship provides support to ground troops with vehicle drop capabilities
  • Return of the classic Capture The Flag game mode

Available at the bottom of this page, the trailer gives us a look at the upcoming content, although it focuses heavily on the dirt bikes. We're expecting a full trailer before the end of the year, but for now, this is a great preview. The dirt bikes look quick and very maneuverable as you can see in the trailer and should be a lot of fun to drive. Capture the Flag is a classic game mode that no good shooter should go without, so we're looking forward to seeing the game mode make its Battlefield 3 debut next year.

Check it out below and visit!



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