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3 Features Battlefield 4 Simply Has to Have

Battlefield 4 is in the thick of development at EA DICE and doubtless they have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. Nobody wants a rehash of Battlefield 3 with new weapons and maps - the FPS community is thirsty for something fresh in the Battlefield franchise, even if it's just an amazing feature from previous games brought back in Battlefield 4 in a meaningful way.

To that end, here are 3 of our must-have Battlefield 4 features, beginning with...

Commander Mode

This has been rumored to be returning to Battlefield 4 and we're completely okay with that rumor if it proves to be true. Commander Mode was the amazing feature that made an appearance in previous Battlefield games and it works like this:

  • One player is assigned to be the Commander in any given online match. The Commander doesn't play as a soldier on the ground, but rather as an overseer with a view of the entire field of battle at their fingertips.
  • The Commander is responsible for issuing commands and direction to his troops on the ground that are, of course, played out by fellow Battlefield players.
  • Part of this responsibility includes the capability to call in support in the form of vehicles and other ordnance. This must be done strategically to win the battle.

At the end of the day, the battle is fought by the men on the ground but the overarching fight here is one of wits, between both teams Commanders. Who wouldn't want that in Battlefield?


Improved Destructibility

Let's face it, there's something ridiculously satisfying about bringing a building crashing to the ground with a handful of enemy combatants inside of it. The groaning of the support beams that signals their imminent death, the crashing of timbers and building materials in an enveloping cloud of dust. Something about that just brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

We want more of that!

Give us the power for full destructibility, not just certain set pieces that are scripted to be damaged a certain way. If Frostbite 3 is so damn powerful, let's see it in an unprecedented level of unscripted destruction! Rockets that do noticeable and meaningful damage to buildings instead of the 'Hit building X 5 times to make it fall down' of previous Battlefield games.

Destroying things is fun, DICE, give us more of it and we'll pretty much be happy.

New Vehicles

Tanks are always a blast to use and there's nothing quite like strapping a load of C4 to a quad and driving it into a building filled with enemy meatbags, but why not get creative with Battlefield 4?

Do we really want another Battlefield game filled to bursting with generic military vehicles? Perhaps the most exciting aspect of vehicular combat in Battlefield 4 was the inclusion of the dirtbike and that didn't happen until the game had been out for over a year! We'd love for DICE to start us off on a totally new footing from the very first day.

How about a light, speedy single-man helicopter or stealthy drone that can deliver its payload far above the reach of surface to air missiles? Why not bring in something monstrous like the Jackal 2, with a full complement of guns and the power to ford shallow waters. We wouldn't say no to a Bren Carrier with a nice platform for a World War II era flamethrower. 

Who doesn't want to shoot flames from the safety of their tanks?

The point here is that there is a whole world of creative vehicles that DICE has to choose from so why go with the bog standard tanks, Humvees and quads?

The real question here is what do you want to see in Battlefield 4? What are your most-coveted features that DICE could be working on? Let us know in the comments!


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