Rush Mode Makes Its Debut in Battlefield Play4Free

Easy Studios - the other guys that make Battlefield games - have introduced the classic Battlefield game mode Rush in Battlefield Play4Free. The game mode is live as of this morning, ready to play right now.

Rush Mode, if you're not familiar with it, is an objective-based game mode in which players take turns defending and attacking points on the map. The defending team begins with 2 M-COM stations that need to be defended, while the attacking team is bent on destroying them. Attackers can either successfully plant charges on the M-COM stations or inflict enough heavy damage to put them out of commision. Defenders are able to defuse charges and must set up a strong defense to keep the enemy from destroying the stations.

If both M-COM stations are destroyed, the defending team will fall back and a new portion of the map will open up with two more M-COM stations. The match ends when the defending team successfully keeps the enemy from destroying their M-COM stations or when the attacking team manages to destroy all 8 stations.

Rush mode is live right now and you can check it out in action at


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