BioShock Infinite

Win a Copy of BioShock Infinite on the Platform of Your Choice

BioShock Infinite is right around the corner and keeping in the spirit of giving things away to our members, it's time for a giveaway.

So, here's the deal. Originally we were asking for creative submissions, artwork or the like, and it turns out that BioShock Infinite fans are not as creative as the franchise that they hold in such high regard. That's okay. We still have a copy of BioShock Infinite to give away, so we're reverting to the old standby on this one.

Here's how to win:

  1. Tweet out the following message on Twitter:
    • 'You can win a copy of #BioShockInfinite from @FPSGeneral. Details on how to win, here:'
  2. Post a reply to this story, sharing your favorite BioShock memory. It could be from any previous BioShock game or even from BioShock Infinite, based on what we've seen so far.

We will choose our winner at random on Sunday, March 24th at 8:59PM (Pacific Time).

Good luck and thanks for visiting FPS General!

Update - Contest Closed: We've chosen our winner with the help of Please join me in congratulating howlin316 on his brand new copy of BioShock Infinite! Thanks to everyone who entered.