Borderlands 2

Exclusive: Gearbox Software Lead Writer Anthony Burch Talks Borderlands 2

Earlier this month, FPS General was invited to visit Gearbox Software in Texas. While there, we got some hands-on with Borderlands 2 (hopefully we're not breaking NDA by saying 'so good') and even had the chance to chat with the team working on one of this year's most anticipated first-person shooters.

James was able to pull Anthony Burch in for a nice discussion about Borderlands 2 from his perspective as Lead Writer on the game. In the interview above, Anthony talks about the original characters from Borderlands and how Gearbox decided to incorporate them into Borderlands 2. James and Anthony also discuss the creation of Handsome Jack and the challenge Gearbox faced in creating this charismatic, semi-likable yet plainly evil antagonist.

Many thanks to the good people at Gearbox Software for welcoming us into their home and taking the time to chat with us! Check out our interview above and be sure to subscribe to FPS General on YouTube for more shooter content every day.

Now stop reading this and go buy Borderlands 2. Now.


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