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Borderlands 2 Class Spotlight: Salvador, The Gunzerker

Borderlands 2 has officially launched in North America but chances are you've been playing it since midnight. Hopefully you've slept, because we have two final Borderlands 2 editorials coming at you today. First up, we're taking an in-depth look at Salvador, the Gunzerker.

Salvador is all about guns and the killing of enemies with said guns. If you're looking for sheer power on the battlefield, with little care for discretion or stealth, Salvador is your man.

As the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2, it's fitting that Salvador's action skill is Gunzerking. When activated, Sal will draw a second gun and go flat out nutters. When Gunzerking, the player automatically regains 50% of their total health as well as damage reduction against enemy attacks and constant ammunition and health regeneration. Essentially, he goes berserk and unloads on enemies irregardless of their attacks against him.

His skill trees are Gunlust, Rampage and Brawn. Let's take a look at those.

First up, we have Gunlust, a skill tree that is all about changing the way that Salvador interacts with his beloved guns. There are a ton of awesome buffs for weapon swapping here, which is how we plan to set up our build when we stop fawning over Zero. 

Quick Draw is straightforward and increases your weapon swap speed, while All I Need Is One causes your next bullet after swapping weapons to do bonus damage. Auto-load is also a gem, automatically reloading every weapon except the one currently in your hand after you get a kill. Using Auto-load wisely, you can essentially avoid reloading altogether.

Keep reading for more on Salvador, the Gunzerker!

Rampage is Salvador's next skill tree and focuses on modifying the way Gunzerking works. You have Last Longer which increases the duration of Gunzerking and Steady As She goes which helps control recoil on both weapons while Gunzerking.

Double Your Fun is also excellent, allowing Salvador to chuck an extra grenade while Gunzerking without expensing the cost of said grenade. It's two grenades for the price of one.

The last skill in this tree is Keep Firing and rewards the player for holding down the trigger while Gunzerking. The longer you hold it down, the faster your guns fire and the faster you reload them.

Finally, we have Brawn. This skill tree is where you'll probably be spending most of your points if you're all about teamplay in co-op. Right off the bat, we have Hard to Kill which increases your maximum health and a small amount of health regeneration. This will help keep you alive in co-op, when your teammates need you most.

Ain't Got Time To Bleed and Sexual Tyrannosaurus do similar buffs to health and health regeneration, helping you stick around to assist your friends in co-op. The final skill in Brawn is Come At Me Bro. This is an action skill augment, which allows Salvador to taunt his enemies while Gunzerking. This will instantly regain Salvador's full health and cause taunted enemies to attack.

The catch is that after taunting, Salvador enjoys a massive reduction in damage over the next few seconds.

If raw firepower and badassery is your game, you're probably going to want to go with Salvador. He is great to play solo but also has a ton of really good skills that will make him an asset in co-op as well.

We've taken a look at Zero, Axton, Maya and now, who is your favorite? 


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