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Borderlands 2 Weapons Maker Spotlight: Vladof

If you're in the market to incite rebellion, there's no weapon finer than a sturdy Vladof. Arming rebellions of every kind, Vladof lives to supply the oppressed. Wherever folk are attempting to overthrow their oppressors and break free from their bonds of tyranny, Vladof weapons will inevitably be in attendance.

In Borderlands 2, Vladof also produces weapons with the highest rate of fire on Pandora. So, if you're looking to lay down a wealth of bullets on your enemies in a short span of time, Vladof has your back.

Let's take a look at a handful of the many weapons Vladof will have available in Borderlands 2!

Assault Rifles

Vladof assault rifles focus on high rate of fire with a bit more accuracy than, say, a Bandit-made AR. Where Bandit focuses on mass amounts of bullets, fired rather indiscriminately, Vladof prefers a more accurate hail of bullets at a very high rate of fire.

It is also possible to outfit your Vladof AR with Torgue gyrojets, essentially giving you the power of gyrojets with the speedy delivery that Vladof prides themselves on.

Vladof has a wealth of assault rifles available in Borderlands 2, ranging in damage and magazine capacity.


Vladof specializes in repeater pistols, firing off a wealth of rounds in full-auto with a nasty rate of fire. 

If you love automatic weapons and just want to let loose a hail of bullets into a throng of enemies, you might want to consider packing a Vladof pistol.

When your assault rifle runs dry, you'll be able to grab your Vladof pistol and continue the fully automatic punishment.

These pistols will never rival other makers for sheer power, but when you're unloading this amount of ammo into your targets, sometimes it doesn't matter.

Rocket Launchers

Nothing says '¡Viva la Revolución!' quite like a rocket to the face. Unless, of course, it's a hail of rockets to the face.

Vladof puts an emphasis away from raw firepower and instead focuses on their tried and true high rates of fire. With Vladof, you're never going to get the sheer power of a Torgue. At the end of the day, however, that doesn't really matter when you're able to fire off several rockets in the time it takes other makes to fire off a single rocket.

Where launchers are concerned, Vladof gets our money for the ability to put several rockets into our targets in the same span of time that other manufacturers take to fire just one.

Sniper Rifles

Have you ever played Call of Duty's competitive multiplayer modes? Sure, you have. Everyone has. Remember that one guy with the semi-auto sniper rifle who you could hear snapping off rounds indiscriminately, one after another, from across the map?

Yeah, that guy.

Vladof sniper rifles would suit that guy well. Once again foregoing the massive one-shot power of Jakobs for rate of fire, Vladof allows snipers to lay down several high-damage rounds into their enemies in a short space of time.

If you're not the most accurate sniper on Pandora, you should definitely consider grabbing a Vladof sniper rifle at the first available chance.

Look, at the end of the day, every single weapons maker in Borderlands 2 has a place and a purpose. None are greater than the others, and there is no way to simply say, 'Go with this weapon maker, they're the best'.

Play to your strengths and you'll do fine.

Check out our writeups on all of the weapons manufacturers and player classes in Borderlands 2 over at our 9 Days of Borderlands 2 hub! We've had a blast covering Borderlands 2 and we hope you've enjoyed the content that we've put together for you during the past week.

Now go out and enjoy Borderlands2! Don't forget to check out the Borderlands 2 Wiki for more information on the game.



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