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Borderlands 2 On Track to be 2K Games Best-Selling Title

2K Games announced in an investor call yesterday that Borderlands 2 is rapidly approaching 6 million units sold, easily surpassing the 4 million that the original Borderlands notched. If Borderlands 2 reaches 6 million units sold - which it will - it will become 2K Games' best-selling game to date. As you may have assumed, Borderlands 2 was 2K's biggest game in 2012.

Speaking on the call, Take-Two Interactive CEO (2K Games' parent company) said:

Building on its extraordinary launch in September, Borderlands 2 continues to expand its audience and remains on pace to become the highest-selling title in 2K's history. It has also been the largest contributor to our digitally delivered revenue this year, driven both by strong sales of full game downloads, and high attach rates for the title's add-on content, especially the Borderlands 2 Season Pass.

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Source: Joystiq


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