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Top 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Beginner Tips

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is officially launched and available for play worldwide. By now, early adopters will probably have a good idea where they stand, skill wise, in the game. 

Are you struggling to put together a strong match for your team? If that's the case, we've got a full complement of guides for you to browse, which you can do at In the video above, Small Kiwi expounds on the topic of kick starting your Black Ops 2 career, with his list of Top 5 Beginner Tips & Tricks.

For those of you who like to consume your lessons by reading, rather than watching, Small Kiwi's Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Beginniners in Black Ops 2 are:

1. Check the Minimap 

Located in the upper, left-hand side of your HUD (Heads Up Display), the minimap has all sorts of useful tidbits. Keeping an eye on the minimap can literally tell you where your enemies are, which direction they are facing, where you have allies and where the hotspots of the current fight are situated. Now, some of this information requires certain scorestreak rewards to be active or other variables to fall into place, but the point is, your minimap contains a lot of useful information and can give you the edge if you just keep an eye on it.

2. Sprint Less, Walk More 

When moving around the map, the tendency is there to run as fast you possibly can. Call of Duty is a very fast moving game, with Black Ops 2 featuring some of the fastest action yet. Your instincts are going to tell you to sprint, but don't listen to your instincts, listen to FPS General.

When you draw your weapon to fire just after sprinting, you are going to take a longer time to get your weapon out and ready to fire. This can be countered with perks and attachments, but without those modifiers, sprinting makes you an easier target in a firefight. Let's face it, in most of your engagements in Black Ops 2, the winner is going to be whoever gets their gun ready and starts firing first. Walking more often will make sure that the first one to fire is you.

Keep reading for more excellent Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 beginner tips & tricks.


3. Use Custom Games & Bots to Learn

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ships with all of the tools you need to master your game and increase your skills, if only you'll fire them up and make use of them. Two of these tools are custom games and AI bots. With custom games and the addition of bots, you can set up a game on any map, in any game mode.

Set the difficulty of the bots to whatever you are comfortable with, although we do recommend giving yourself a challenge. Easy bots can be fun to put a whooping on, but you aren't really getting better at the game in doing that.

Give the maps a spin with the bots and learn the various choke points, hot spots and layout before you get online with a group of actual players. 

4. Build Classes That Suit Your Playstyle

Everyone has their particular style of play, regardless of the game you are playing. Whether you prefer to go loud with a submachine gun and speedy perks or stay quiet with a silenced rifle and stealth perks, we all know what we enjoy doing and should cater our custom classes with that in mind.

Most of the maps in Black Ops 2 support a wealth of playstyles, so don't worry about that when you're creating your custom classes. Simply spend some time getting to know the weapons (Sharpshooter in Party Games is great for this), and decide which weapon type you tend to excel with.

Take that weapon type and build your class around it, keeping in mind your tendencies when it comes to how you actually play the game. Do you like to rush or go stealthy? It's up to you, but know your strengths and, more importantly, your weaknesses.

5. Camp, Camp, Camp

Before you rip us a new one, just hear us out! Camping is a poor tactic and, generally speaking, we despise anything and everything surrounding it. But when you're starting out in a new game and you can hardly wield a rifle for more than 30 seconds without getting mowed down by someone who hit level 50 before they quit playing for the first night, the game can be incredibly frustrating.

As Kiwi mentions in the video above, throw down a claymore mine or bouncing betty and prepare yourself for the long haul (and hate mail).

Make sure that when you are ultimately brought down that you switch locations on your next spawn. Camping in the same location over and over is not going to help you get the hang of using the weapons and will just guarantee grenade spam and rockets in your direction.

We hope that this guide will help get you off the ground in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! If you have any extra tips & tricks, make sure you leave us a not in the comments below for future generations of Black Ops 2 players.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!


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