Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Decision Breakdown: Domination Gameplay and Commentary

In the video above, we've got a pretty impressive bit of Black Ops 2 gameplay and some very insightful commentary from our very own Crazy Penguin. Earlier this week, he fired up the game and played some Domination on Slums. The match ended up going better than he had anticipated and he finished with 78 kills and only 15 deaths, but more importantly - he played the objective and accrued 20 flag defends for his team.

Rather than let this solid gameplay go to waste, Crazy has uploaded it to YouTube for us and thrown some commentary over it in his first Black Ops 2 Decision Breakdown. These videos will be released whenever we get some impressive gameplay or a solid showing in any gamemode. The idea behind the series is to give some insight on to why the player made the decisions that they did.

Hopefully, after watching these, you can understand what led to our player having such a successful match.

In the video above, the 78 kills is more than impressive but on top of that, Crazy Penguin acquires 20 flag defends. This is even more important than the high kill count, because it shows that he was focusing on the objective first and foremost. If you aren't playing the objective, to be honest, you have no business playing objective game modes. Crazy Penguin illustrates that you can have a great match, with a ridiculous kill-death ratio and play the objective at the same time.

Check out the video above and visit for more of our guides and tutorials on all-things Black Ops 2!


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