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Black Ops 2, Frag Cup IV Tournament Recap

The roots of competitive Call of Duty started on the PC platform, but the console community has been growing at a rapid rate over the past five years. On top of constant growth, the community now has additional support from the developers with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 including a brand new “CodCasting” platform with a vast array of features that help enhance the viewership experience. These factors have led to arguably the most supported competitive Call of Duty title for the console platform yet.

The first major tournament for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 wrapped up on Sunday. In an event that featured 1,814 Call of Duty teams, only the final eight teams went into the Machinima Frag Cup 4 championship bracket. Throughout the tournament, teams fought their way through a single elimination bracket, using a ruleset that can be found here:

The final 8 teams were compLexity, TKO Takeover, Fariko Impact, OpTic Gaming, CsC (JuKeD), GenesiS, Nova and ClockWork. The remaining eight teams fought through a gauntlet of skilled teams to get where they were at that point and no team wanted to be eliminated. The championship bracket facilitated some of the most intense and entertaining matches the Call of Duty community has ever seen. Between upsets, heartaches, clutches and score streaks galore, the tournament created an intense environment for not only the competitors but the 14,000+ plus viewers that were tuning during the peak of the stream.

In the grand finals, compLexity, who was the fan favorite from the start, was up against a cinderella story team known as CsC Esports who provided for a very entertaining match up. compLexity ended up defeating CsC in game 6 of the final set to take the Machinima Frag Cup 4 championship and $6,000 to pad their wallets.

Keep reading for an exclusive interview with Patrick Price, the captain of Team compLexity!


We had a chance to interview the captain of compLexity; Patrick “ACHES” Price about his his roots, his team, and a few questions on how the game stands as a competitive title thus far:

First off, could you introduce yourself to the readers and tell us about your gaming career? How did you get into Call of Duty and the competitive scene?

My name is Patrick Price, I'm 18 years old from Sanford, North Carolina. I've been gaming ever since I can remember. From the SEGA to Gamecube to Playstation you name it. However I've been competitively gaming since around 2006/2007. I was playing Halo 2, then moved onto Call of Duty 2. After moving around from multiple shooter games, some of my halo friends suggested me to try COD4 and I was hooked on it immediately. So ever since 2008, I've known about the competitive Call of Duty scene thanks to gamebattles and have built my way up since then.

Could you tell of some of your biggest accomplishments you’ve had over the past few years?

Some of my biggest accomplishments are placing 2nd at my first live event; The 2010 MW2 Nationals in Dallas, TX. Then winning the $25k Playstation ladder, Old Spice Ladder, MLG Dallas, MLG Anaheim, and more recently the Frag Cup 4.

What was your team's practice schedule like for Machinima Frag Cup 4?

Our practice schedule for Frag Cup 4 was honestly easy-going. We tried to get on around 6 EST or so 4-5 nights a week, although we would take breaks, we aimed to get 3 hours or so of competitive practice scrims in a night. Outside of our teams scrim schedule, Crimsix and TeePee had invested a lot of time to try and gain and overall edge on the competition.

Do you or any of your teammates have any pregame rituals that you perform?

Haha, this one made me laugh. At live events we've had a couple of pre game rituals but online we just try to hype each other up as much as possible.

Do you see any similarities with your current team, that you've seen in the past with other successful teams that you've been a part of?

Well, TeePee and I have been teaming for over 2 years now, and we've always had a lot of success. We've teamed with FeaRs in the past and had success with him as well. I think Crimsix was the perfect fit for our squad and the similarities would be the role each player plays.

After a long championship bracket and winning the grand finals what was the first thought that crossed your mind?

"LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Pretty much how we all were. We all knew we could win it all, and to finally do it is the best feeling.

"I'm extremely confident for the future of competitive Black Ops 2"

On top of being a professional gamer, you’re also in college. Where are you attending and what is your major?

I'm currently in Wilmington, North Carolina attending college. I'm undecided on my major but I'm about 90% going for Computer Science.

How do you feel about this games future as a competitive title? If you had the power to change anything about the game to make it more competitive, what would it be?

I'm extremely confident for the future of competitive Black Ops 2, its probably the most balanced Call of Duty title to date. If I had to change something, I would probably change a few map/gametype selections, and ban a couple more things and it would be perfect.

There may be readers interested in giving competitive Call of Duty a try, where do you recommend new players to go if they want to form a team?

I would honestly recommend they start somewhere like Gamebattles or 360iCons, those two are really the only places to really begin, then you'll find people to scrim with and you'll continue to get your name out there.

Patrick, it was great to interview you today, is there any specific message that you would like to send to the community and the readers of this article?

Thank you Justin for the opportunity, I would like to give a HUGE thanks to everyone at compLexity as well as our sponsors Creative, Soundblaster, QPad, PNY and Origin. Wouldn’t be possible without their support. Also big thanks to my team for being great guys, and can't wait for this year. Follow me on twitter @coL_ACHES and my teams sponsor @compLexityLive.

Special thanks to Patrick Price for taking the time to sit down with us, as well as rlxthegreat for doing this story for us!



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