Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Dissecting Today's Black Ops 2 Patch & DLC Update

With the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution released today for the Xbox 360, I wanted to touch upon some of the bigger patch notes that come with it. If you want to see a full list head on over to our forums.

I'd like to focus mostly on balance, it means the most to me and to how the game plays, so let’s jump right into it.

First up is a massive nerf to some of the more powerful scorestreaks in the game as well as a couple buffs to some others. These changes are varied and include:

  • Death Machine: 3 hit kill range increased.
  • Dragonfire: health increased, gun spread reduced.
  • AGR: ground speed increased, reduced machine gun close range damage.
  • Warthog: reduced missile delay.
  • Lodestar: reduced missile speed and AOE radius.
  • Swarm: drone re-spawn delay increased.

While I think this is a step in the right direction, I’m not sure it will be enough. I still really think that there should be some form of spawn protection against some of these but I can’t have everything I wish for, I guess.

What we do have is an increased delay between missiles on the Lodestar and an increased delay in drone respawn on the Swarm. This essentially means that they are less lethal. A step in the right direction but not nearly far enough in my mind. As far as buffs go, we have a few tweaks to the Death Machine, Dragonfire, AGR and Warthog. Small things to slightly improve their performance but nothing major.

Keep reading for more information on what today's patch entails, include some pretty big changes to sub-machine guns.

The next part is small and yet massive: “SMGs: All + Silencers: reduced range.” If you’re having trouble decoding that it is saying, it means that every sub-machine gun with a silencer equipped will have its damage dropped off sooner. So at really close ranges, like in the same room as you, you’re not going to notice a difference, but at medium to long ranges it could mean a 5 to 6 shot kill, which can be very difficult. Maybe massive isn’t the best word, but it’s pretty significant, to reduce the effectiveness of all the SMG’s.

The last bit that I want to touch on is even bigger than the last. All assault rifles are getting reduced sway. This means that they will be even more effective, hopefully allowing them to be used in more situations. I really like this, I wish they would reduce recoil across the board as well, but once again, I can’t have everything I want 

Be sure to stop by our forums or leave a comment here on this article, what is it you like most about this latest Patch or DLC, or what you would change in the game if you could!


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