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Tune in to FPS General's Pros vs Joes Black Ops 2 Tournament!

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Last month, we ran a really fun sweepstakes in which we gave away a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Care Package Special Edition as well as a really cool opportunity for our grand prize winner and three friends; the chance to do battle in Black Ops 2 against a team of professional gamers! Well, Spazztick walked away with the grand prize and he's put together a team of Call of Duty fans who think they have what it takes to bring our team of Pros to their knees.

The matches are going to take place in a Best of 9 format, here's how it works: We will play on a rotation of maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution, including Mirage, Hydro, Grind and Downhill. All weapon attachments and perks are allowed, so no holds barred. The first team to notch 5 wins will be declared the winner! In the spirit of keeping things fun, we're going to play the full set of 9 matches regardless of when the outcome is determined. So, if our Joes pull out all the stops and end up finishing the Pros off in 5 matches, we'll go ahead and play the rest of the set as a Friendly.

The main event will start at 5:00PM but we're encouraging all of our viewers to join us at 3:00PM for some pre-streaming fun with ElementZ from Curse's League of Legends team! He will be streaming at so make sure you come join us and chat! At 4:00PM, we're going to give the Joes squad a chance for some warm up matches before facing off against the Pros at 5:00PM. Everything will be streamed over on Twitch so make sure you follow our channel to be notified when we go live!

Note: all of these times are in Pacific Time (head here to convert to your local time).

Last but certainly not least, we're proud to say we've recruited AJ 'Turbo' D and ShaunyPWNS to shoutcast this match for us and provide an amazing stream for everyone. The entire event is going down at 3:00PM PT at

We'll see you there!


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