Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Curse Topples Dare in Dramatic Fashion, MLG Dallas Round 1 Recap

Team Curse NA is on hand in Dallas, Texas for the MLG Winter Championship, getting things started against Team Dare in Round 1 in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Championship bracket.

The games got underway with a little Hardpoint on Raid, with Curse getting off to a sluggish start. It seemed like Rizma and Apathy needed a little warming up before they reached top form and Dare got off to a pretty healthy lead. That gap would be widened as the match progressed, reaching up to a 40+ point lead before the fireworks started. CMPLX absolutely lit up Team Dare, going on a rampage in the middle of the match, holding down the Hardpoints and absolutely dominating the opposition.

Submachine Guns have been touted as being nerfed to the point of disrepair in Black Ops 2, but CMPLX went ahead and disproved that with his performance in this match using the Skorpion. Before all was said and done, CMPLX ended up dropping 50 kills and Team Curse comes back from the depths of a surefire loss to win the first game.

Next up, Search & Destroy on Express. Again, Curse seemed to struggle towards the beginning with Dare taking a massive lead, winning the first 4 rounds handily. That dominance, however, was to be short lived. Curse rallied and proceeded to win six rounds in a row to come back and once again take the second round in the Best of 5 series.


Curse and Dare head back to Raid for what would be their third, and ultimately final, match of the night for a little Capture the Flag. This was the only match where it was absolutely neck and neck the entire way through. Curse struck first, taking the first round on the strength of amazing teamplay and tactics. That joy didn't last long, as the beastly Team Dare reared its head and took the second round, leaving it all tied up at 1 round apiece.

Flash forward to the last 20 seconds of the final match and Curse is still tied up with Dare when Alex 'Rizma' Vetelino comes in like an untamed golden lion to not only rack up a double kill but a winning flag capture in the last 15 seconds. 

And with that, Team Curse takes three straight wins with them to Round 2 of the championship bracket at the MLG Winter Championship.

The boys will play again tomorrow, facing off against whoever wins between Team vVv and an unnamed competitor who has yet to emerge from the open bracket.


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