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Team Curse NA's Fatalize Discusses The Call of Duty: Championship

The Call of Duty: Championship is set to get underway this weekend in Los Angeles, CA and our very own Team Curse will be on hand representing our fine organization. If you've ever wondered what it's like to mentally prepare for an event like this, we had a chance to interview Ryan 'Fatalize' Bogucki from our North American Call of Duty team.

During our interview, we chatted about the upcoming Call of Duty: Championship and what he perceives to be the biggest challenges facing Team Curse.

What was the biggest lesson that you guys took home from MLG Dallas?

MLG Dallas taught us that we need to stay hyped during every game so we have momentum. We would be up in maps and not hype each other causing to take no advantage. It as well taught us that we have to come more prepared into a event , we feel like playing league play for so long really threw us off a bit.

With everyone having now played a major LAN event, does that eliminate some of the nerves of being up on the stage like that?

I feel like it does , we are so new as a team MLG Dallas was helpful to show us what we need to work on and that was CMPLX first ever event so it was good for him to play in such a intense atmosphere. 

Obviously, with the last patch Treyarch nerfed SMGs pretty noticeably. Have you guys had time to adjust your strategies and get comfortable with the changes?

It messed up things a little bit but the guys were able to adapt very well to the changes and been able to overcome the odd patch.

Do you guys perceive any one team to be your biggest challenge at the Call of Duty: Championship?

I see every team as our threat , any team can be on a hot streak and able to take you out.

In your words, the most important thing to keep in mind going into the Championship is:

Take one match at a time and do not under estimate ANYONE.

Many thanks to Fatalize for taking the time out of his busy practice regiment to chat with us. You can watch the Call of Duty: Championship - and root on Team Curse NA - starting on Friday, April 5th. Make sure you stay tuned to FPS General as we'll have a video crew in LA to catch all of the action this weekend.

Good luck, Team Curse - make us proud, boys!




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