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MLG Anaheim: Event Predictions

Nothing captures the true nature of Call of Duty quite like an MLG event, and this weekend we’re poised for the second event of the year: MLG Anaheim.

From Friday morning all the way through to Sunday evening, thousands of Call of Duty players will converge upon the Anaheim Convention Center to participate and spectate what is setup to be one of most anticipated Call of Duty events ever; where we’ll get our first real glimpse at how teams have readjusted after the Call of Duty Championships back in April.

After Impact’s explosive win at the Championships, numerous teams have chopped and changed about to present a more daring challenge for Anaheim, and with us now tantalisingly close to the event, all rosters have been locked.

So the question is, who should we be looking out for? Below you’ll see our top 5 predictions, including which team we think will fall short of the mark and what team you should keep an eye out for as a potential dark horse!


5th Place: IcoNs.Evil

Staying true to their name, the recently formed Evil squad is far from being a popular outfit; the creation of their team led to three separate teams being broken up.

Regardless of popularity, there’s no denying Evil are one of the most formidable teams on the scene right now and they’ve impressed the masses on MLG’s Pro Scrim streams. Heading into Anaheim, Evil are poised to create a real challenge for the number one spot, but we think they’ll ultimately finish at the tail end of the top five considering the competition out there.

If the ambition of team manager Apoc is anything to go by, a top five placement for this team is the bare minimum required. Judging by their string of success in scrimmages, this is more than plausible.


Johnathan “John” Perez
Aaron “TuQuick” Chang
Josh "Huhdle" Piha
Mike "Spacely" Space


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