Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

How it can be improved: League Play, Part 2

In part one of How it can be Improved, we looked at League Play's ranking system and how it can be developed into something more representative of a player's true skill . With the points system being seriously flawed, we presented the option of changing it in to something more reminiscent of Halo 3; which has had, arguably, the best ranking system in any FPS in the past decade.

While this is one of League Play's more scrutinised features, it's not the only one. Once you submerge yourself into the finer details of League Play, many more problems present themselves. In this four part series of How it can be improved, we hope to address the key issues that exist with possible solutions that'll be prosperous for both Treyarch, and the competitive players that participate in League Play.


Stagnation has always been a rooting problem for Call of Duty, with the past few titles being particularly dry as they enter their final few months. Generally, this is due to the fact that players know the next instalment is on the horizon, but it's often due to the repetitive nature of the game - you can only play the same maps and game modes over and over for a certain amount of time before things get increasingly boring.

This statement holds true particularly for competitive gamers. Due to pro gaming's demanding nature, a high volume of maps and game modes are scrapped from their ruleset, in favour of maps and game modes that capture the true competitive nature of Call of Duty.

With League Play following the MLG ruleset, it only features six different maps that are split between three different game modes, with two of the maps being limited to Search and Destroy. As expect, after a short few months this can get old pretty fast. Such stagnation is only accelerated by League Play's irregular cycle of these game modes; where Capture the Flag, perhaps the most unpopular game mode of the three, is in constant rotation, with Search and Destroy being somewhat of a rarity - which is a shame considering it's a fan-favourite. With Capture the Flag and Hardpoint filling up 9/10 games, many people disavow League Play and opt to play the likes of Gamebattles; which offers a much better tailored experience.

While League Play allows player to either play in a team or on their own, it's obvious that one of them holds little promise. It's frankly astounding that Treyarch decided to mix solo players with teams of four, considering the grim prospect of it all for those lone wolfs out there. If you're daring enough to go fight it out in League Play yourself, you face the taunting task of coming up against full teams of four who'll bring you and your team of strangers to their knees, and onto the edge of your seat in fury! While it can be argued that you can do the exact same, it can be difficult for a lot of people to band a team together. On personal terms, I'm usually limited to myself and one friend playing League; which is frustrating considering the scale of the competition out there. Due to this, many players avoid playing until they can get a full team on.

Our quarrels with League Play extend beyond the poor game mode rotation and unfair advantages , with the lack of maps in rotation being an equally concerning issue that appears to have no resolve. While many of us would relish the chance to play competitively on more Black Ops 2 maps, those of them that have been excluded from the start have been left out for a reason.

True competitive gameplay requires finely balanced maps that offer no real edge to either team, unless they obtain that edge through pure skill of course. With this in mind, most maps from multiplayer never make it to the competitive arena. When you take this into account, along with the fact that people are essentially playing the same four maps continually, it's no surprise that League Play only managed to attract around 8,000 people per-day. So how can this be fixed?


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