Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive THOR Open Recap – NiP 1st, 2nd

This last weekend saw many of the top CS:GO teams in Europe come together in Stockholm, Sweden for an 8 team tournament. One of the contestants was the newly acquired team reigning from Finland. The tournament started in a round robin group format with the top two teams moving on. was placed in group A with the Swedish Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP): the undefeated #1 team in the world.

 Group A Results


Ninjas in Pyjamas vs


gosu vs Copenhagen Wolves


Copenhagen Wolves vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

7-16 vs gosu


Ninjas in Pyjamas vs gosu


Copenhagen Wolves vs



After a disappointing first match with NiP, losing 16-6, Curse took on the Swedish gosu team. While many expected a quick win for Curse, they experienced 6 computer crashes throughout the match which they later lost 16-11. In order to get out of the group and into the semi-finals after losing their first two matches, Curse had to beat the #6 world ranked CPH Wolves team from Denmark, and beat them convincingly. Living up to the situation Curse did just that, taking complete control of the match from the very first round, winning in a 16-8 lopsided victory.

With the victory, there was a 3 way tie as each of Curse, gosu, and CPH Wolves had one victory. To add to the suspense of the moment, Curse took 2nd place in the group due to round difference (rounds won subtracted by rounds loss), where they slid by with a single round.

Following the excitement in Group A were the matches in Group B with three Swedish and one Danish team fighting to see who would face NiP and in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, there was much less excitement than Group A as the Danish Anexis team won all 3 of their matches and the Swedish Lemondogs went 2-1, although many of the matches were much closer than those in Group A. At this point, CPH Wolves, gosu, Western Wolves, and Absolute Legends were heading home, and the semi-final match-ups were set.

Curse was to play the Group B winners in Anexis, while NiP were to play the Group B runner-ups in Lemondogs.

Keep reading for the full tournament recap!

 Group B Results


Lemondogs vs Absolute Legends


Anexis vs Western Wolves


Western Wolves vs Lemondogs


Absolute Legends vs Anexis


Lemondogs vs Anexis


Western Wolves vs Absolute Legends



After Curse barely squeaked out of their group and Anexis dominated theirs, the early predictions were that Anexis were going to meet the tournament favorite NiP in the finals. Fortunately, Curse had other plans. From the first round they appeared to have built on their convincing victory over CPH Wolves and clearly gained some confidence from it. At no point in their Best of 3 series with Anexis did they ever look like they were anything but in complete control of the match-up  They won the first match 16-5 on de_dust2_se and the second 16-11 on de_nuke_ve. During the same time, NiP beat Lemondogs in two just as convincing matches.

These two victories set the stage for a somewhat unexpected final. Everyone expected to see NiP there, but many didn't believe Curse would be there after their round robin troubles. Curse once again showed they had rebounded completely from Group B and at one point looked like they were in control of the first match on de_nuke_ve. Unfortunately a few key mistakes and round losses gave NiP some life and they were able to squeak out a 16-13 victory. Next up was de_dust2_se. Once again Curse looked very strong in the first half, winning 10-5 on the Terrorist side. With many people thinking an upset was brewing, Curse went on to only take 1 round as Counter-Terrorist, narrowly preventing NiP from sweeping the side, losing the second match 16-11.

NaSu celebrating with his big check. Photo courtesy of

While the loss was tough, the team was still happy to take home second place and now have a good performance to build on for future events. Hopefully we will see them dethrone NiP at the next international event!

 The full Curse.EU roster includes:

You can keep an eye on the team with the following social media:


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