Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Team Curse Counter-Strike: Global Offensive North American Loses 2, Adds 2

Over the holiday season the Curse.NA Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) team ran into a few hiccups when they saw the loss of juv3nile and frozt. While no team wants to be in the position of replacing two members, the team was fortunate in that there were no major events on the horizon and there are no official ESEA league matches during the holiday season. The team decided to make the most out of the situation and find two players who matched the passion and dedication of the remaining players. After playing with quite a few players, they made their decision by picking up Cody “ezpk” Shirley and Stan “stan” Sukachov.

Keep reading to see what the team captain and new members had to say about the move.

The team captain Michael3D had the following to say:

 "We are realy looking forward to playing with Stan and Ezpk in our upcoming CS:GO matches, I feel they are going to bring a much needed outlook that our team has lacked previously, and hopefully this will push our team in the right direction for not only teamwork and dedication, but also communication."

Ezpk said:

“I'd like to thank Curse for this great opportunity first and foremost. I was first looking at the possibility of joining when frozt was on the team, however he abruptly left leaving them with 2 open spots. Stan and I started playing with them, and meshing well, everyone’s attitudes were very similar and it looks like everyone is positive and wants to win more than anything. Michae3D, and Skadoodle are new to me but from what I've seen they are great teammates and I think we will get along well. Anger has been around the source scene for a long time and I have personally known him for awhile as well, so we were pretty used to each other already and he’s a great teammate as well. This roster is filled with talent, and I think with practice and time we will be competing at the very top level of CS. Lastly, I'm very excited to be a member of team Curse and I'm really looking forward to the future here.”

And finally, stan said:

“I would just like to say I am very happy to get this opportunity to play with some of North America's greatest players, I've been working really hard since switching from source to bring my game to the next level and this will only motivate me more. Big thank you Curse and Michael3d and crew for this chance and I hope to bring you guys my best!”

 The team is now preparing hard for the ESEA season hoping to get Top 4 and a berth to the LAN finals.


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