Crysis 3

All Crysis Games On Sale on Steam This Weekend

Crytek's entire line of Crysis games is on sale this weekend on Steam, some for as little as just $4.99. The sale ends on Monday, September 10th so act quickly if you want to take advantage of these great deals on even greater games.

Games on sale include:

Individually, all three titles will set you back $19.97 but you can pick up the entire Crysis Collection for just $17.49. That's a savings of...$2.48. Let's try that again, with more enticing numbers.

After September 10th, the Crysis Collection is going back up to normal retail price, and will run you $69.98. If you act now, however, you can pick up the entire collection for just $17.49! That's a staggering savings of $52.49. You can buy so many things with $52.49!

What are you waiting for? Go buy Crysis games on Steam!


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