Crysis 3

Introduction to Crysis 3 Multiplayer With Crytek's Mike Read

We definitely can't wait to continue the single player story in Crysis 3, but once that game mode has run its course, we're going to be putting some intense hours into competitive multiplayer. So, we were glad to see Mike Read, Producer on Crysis 3, giving us the rundown on what to expect in the game's multiplayer component.

While Crysis 3 isn't simply a rehash of the multiplayer portion of Crysis 2, it does bring back the 6v6 player cap; something that players weren't always thrilled about in the last game. On PC, games will feature up to 16 players (two teams of 8 players).

The first game mode discussed is Crytek's take on a classic Infected-style game mode. When the match begins, the odds are heavily in favor of the Hunted as they have many more players on their team initially. But as the Hunter gets kills, he 'infects' the enemy player, causing him to spawn as a Hunter. Thus, the ranks of the Hunters swell as the game progresses until it is ultimately down to just one survivor.

If you've played Infected in Modern Warfare 3 or any other variation throughout the years, you'll be right at home.

Returning from Crysis 2 is Crash Site, an objective-driven game mode that we absolutely loved in the last game. Brand new to Crysis 3, however, is the Ceph Pinger - a massive, powerful mech that players can control. If an enemy Pinger is giving you a hassle, try engaging your Nanosuit's cloaking ability, flank the Pinger and you can actually climb up and remove the current pilot by force; something we'll be doing religiously.

Crysis 3 is due out in February of 2013.


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