DayZ Wiki DB: The Next Generation in DayZ Loot Maps

We, at the DayZ Wiki, are happy to announce our latest additions to the wiki; a fully interactive loot map and database. The community wanted a perfect, customizable map, and we put that idea in our crosshairs. We aimed to make DayZ Wiki the only companion site necessary when playing the ARMA 2 mod: DayZ.

Full Database

Additionally, our database entries are the exact numbers from the game, so every player can get the exact information they desire. We hope you like the new features we have integrated and that you let us know if there are more you would like us to add.

Satellite Map

The first thing you might notice is that the map defaults to a satellite view. We believe a satellite view gives the user the best views of the map and terrain of the area they wish to explore. For those of you who prefer the traditional topographical view, you can easily switch it in the top right corner of the map.

Fully Customizable Filters

Our map is different from the others in the fact that you can change all of the necessary attributes in order to find exactly what you are looking for in the world of DayZ. Instead of being constrained by uncertain terms such as low, medium, or high yield, you can select the exact amount of loot you are looking for, as well as the spawn percentage.

Spawn Points

Another cool feature we have included is plotting the spawn points. We feel this will be especially helpful for new players to gain their bearings when they first spawn into the huge continent of Chernarus. Additionally, you will have the option to find spots with high or low zombie counts based on the number that spawn and the percent chance they have of doing so. Finally, the database will allow you to easily see all the item attributes, and simply look for the places they can spawn on the map.

Our main goal is to make our map the best there is. As with the wiki, we put a strong emphasis on accuracy and user accessibility. With that, we hope that anyone who has ideas or suggestions to make it even better should provide them in the comment area of this post. We don’t see this map as being in its final form as we still have a huge list of features we still need to integrate. Hopefully the DayZ community can help us add even more!

Check it out at!


  • #4 Icharas

    Nice one. However, I miss a standard so I can see how distant different locations are apart.

  • #3 DeportPedro

    Inspired by Windows Metro I see, how disappointing. Can't even design a decent UI.

  • #2 SilverstarX

    Nice one.

    But, additionally to the english names I would like to see the cyrillic notation also.

  • #1 vecuccio

    Wow ! Beautiful work !

    Just 2 things I would ask for though -

    * Map grid lines are not present. These make it easier to compare with your GPS 'nates when you alt-tab out to the map and back again, rather than the floaty mouse thing going on at the moment.

    * Power lines are not shown on the Satellite map.

    Also, the Topo map you are using is the same one with incorrect woodland outlines (compared to the ingame map) that DayZDB are also using - it makes it a little bit harder to find deer stands.

    And the road from Gvozdno to Pobeda Dam is missing from the Satelite map.

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